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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am proud to offer therapeutic treatments that soothe your mind and body. I am trained in a number of methods that are renowned for their relaxation capabilities. Contact me today for friendly help and advice.

15 Years’ Experience in Complementary Therapies

My name is Karen Scarcliffe; I am a fully qualified and insured Complementary Therapist working in the Lincoln & Lincolnshire area.

I am registered on the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners, run by the NHS Trusts Association.

Over the past 20 years I have devoted myself to making the lives of those around me better, originally working as a Nurse, I slowly shifted myself into helping those around me, with reiki, hypnotherapy and even helping those affected by it, to learn it themselves.

I’ve been doing this for 9 years, and I’m proud to say that I am now one of the best practitioners of reiki, Hypnotherapy and other alternative therapies in Lincoln and Lincolnshire. However even to this day, I’m still learning about hypnotherapy other alternative treatments and the wonderful effect it can have those around me, especially those in need, or who’re struggling with something in their life. So, if you are struggling, if you do feel you need help, never hesitate to get in touch with me, to see how my therapies can help from reiki, to hypnotherapy to my hopi ear candle therapies and past life regression therapy.

If you’re more interested in these practices themselves, I’m always willing to help you learn, for example I could help you learn to practice reiki.  I could help you understand how it actualy works, or I could train you in the benefits of hypnotherapy or the fundamental mechanics of hypnotherapy so you can apply it to your everyday life.

If you’re concerned about who I am, you need not worry, not only am I a warm and approachable person with a genuine passion for reiki, hypnotherapy and helping those around me. I am also a certified Reiki Master, and a member of The Complementary Therapist Association and most importantly I have a desire to help those around me learn.

I have over 15 years’ experience as a Complementary Therapist working in the Lincoln area, and I bring forward into my practice 20 years of experience of being a Staff Nurse, working in the NHS and at St. Barnabas Hospice. Over the years I have increasingly recognised the health benefits of using of complementary therapies like hypnotherapy alongside conventional medicine.

I am passionate about my business and I enjoy giving my clients individual holistic care to enhance wellbeing. I have a natural caring instinct, a thirst for knowledge and enjoy helping my students learn. I specialise in reiki, and as a reiki master / teacher run reiki classes from level one Usui Reiki to Master Teacher level. I have learnt both Usui Western style and Jikiden (Original) Japanese Reiki. I'm also adept at hypnotherapy.


I am qualified in hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. I am also qualified in EFT, Hopi Ear Candle Therapy, and Crystal Healing and Thai Foot Massage. I also teach Hopi Ear Candling and Crystal Healing. I am a member of The Complementary Therapist Association, and approved by the NHS Trusts Association (membership no 6320.)

I am also a member of the UK reiki Federation and The International Association of reiki Professionals. I have trained with the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and Hypnotic World International Academy of hypnotherapy. I am also a member of The Professional hypnotherapy Practitioners Association and The UK Past Life Association.